Red Teaming

You’ve done your audit, your governance, and compliance, in theory, you are secure.

But are you, or are you assuming? 

Avoid assumptions by assessing your ACTUAL threat footprint!

External Penetration Tests

Identify and Exploit vulnerabilities on systems, services and applications exposed to the internet.

Internal Penetration Tests

Emulate a malicious insider or an aggressor that had gained access to an end yser’s system, including escalating privileges, installing custom crafted malware and/or exfiltrating faux critical data

Web Application Assessments

Comprehensively assess web or mobile applications for vulnerabilities that can lead to unauthorized access or data exposure

Mobile Application Assessment

Comprehensively assess the security of mobile devices and installed applications

Social Engineering

Assess security awareness and general security controls with respect to human manipulation, including email, phone calls, media drops, and physical access

Wireless Technology Assessments

Assess the security of your deployed wireless solution, be it an 802 x, Bluetooth, zigbee, or others

Embedded Devices and IoT Assessment

Assess the security of your device by attempting to exploit the embedded firmware, control the device by passing or injecting unsolicited malicious commands, or modify data sent from the device

ICS Penetration

Combine penetration testing and exploitation experience with ICS expert knowledge to prove the extent an attacker can access, exploit or otherwise manipulate critical ICS/SCADA systems

Physical Security Penetration Assessment

Understand the true strength and effectiveness of physical security controls in data centers, offices, substations, critical infrastructure and more

Other Services

Vulnerability Assessment

The process of defining, identifying, classifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and network infrastructures, helping the organization understands the threats to its environment and react appropriately.

Compromise Assessment

Helps organizations evaluate if they have been compromised by advanced attack groups and if attackers are currently active in their environment, In order to increase effective response to future incidents.