Strategy Transformation

A comprehensive in-depth review takes place, where we look at existing administative policies and determine if a policy is still
needed or if it should be combine with another administrative policy. Determining whether changes are required in order to improve the
effectiveness and ensure that appropriate training, monitoring and ongoing review of the policy is taking place


  • Develop and document cybersecurity strategies and management
  • Develop and document cybersecurity policies and procedures
  • Develop the organizational cybersecurity structure

Risk Management

  • Developing the Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework and Process
  • Assess current risks and develop plans to address them based on best practices
  • Develop business continuity planning


  • Building cybersecurity awareness programs for all organizational levels
  • Design and development of cybersecurity topics and content
  • Implementing cybersecurity awareness programs


Assess compliance with local and global standards
Analyze the gaps and build/implementing strategies to close them
Action Plan for Improving the alignment of standards